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Feb 9, 2008 The uncensored version of "Dick in a Box" not shown on the air. Stars Justin Timberlake Saturday Night. Dec 18, 2006 Part Back Street Boy facial hair, part boy-band neo-soul croon, but you just can't beat the holiday sentiment involved in SNL's Digital Short this. Sep 5, 2014 Andy Samberg and Justin timberlake during "Dick in a Box" skit on December 16, Because at that point you couldn't watch SNL clips online. discovered the video and a lot of people discovered YouTube through the video.

"Dick in a Box" is the debut single by American comedy troupe The Lonely Island, featuring singer Justin Timberlake. The song and music video debuted. Dec 16, 2006 In this Dick in a Box "SNL Digital Short," Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg perform a seductive song about a very special gift box they give. Featuring Justin Timberlake. Let's make it happen! The ultimate Christmas gift. Winner of an 2007 Emmy for “Best Original Music and Lyrics”. International. Dec 22, 2015 Years before the word "viral" was part of our lexicon, this video shocked everyone who saw it. Ten years ago, before Justin Timberlake became ingrained in the fabric of 21st This of course, is how “Dick in a Box,” was born. told the New York Times of his decision to put the uncensored version online. Nov 7, 2010 . Play Video. Play. Mute. Current Time 0:00 . Advertisement. Tags: dick in a box andy samberg justin timberlake uncensored

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